Communication Health Interactive for Parents and Others


Communication Health Interactive for Parents of Adolescents and Others

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“I need to know if you’re doing something stupid.”

A mother shakes a fistful of bloody tissues while confronting her teenage daughter about fears that the girl is cutting herself. In this case, the “mother” is Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. Rona Hu and this scenario is playing out on a stage at Mills High School in Millbrae, California.

It’s just...

Asian teens openly joke, lament and mostly endure the intense academic pressure from their families -- the expectation of perfection, and the drive to keep up with the Zhangs and Kumars. Now, propelled by clusters of teen suicides and evidence of student distress, many of their parents are confronting and examining those cultural differences. 

In Palo Al...

Imagine you're the parent of a high school student. You find out your child didn't complete a homework assignment or study for a test the next day, and you get into an argument. Your child storms out. Was there a better way to handle it?

Staff from the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry will be leading an interactive, theatrical event in Palo Alt...

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