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The Parent Playbook --Interactive Theater Addresses Parent-Teen Conflict

A perpetual battle persists between adolescents and parents in many households; two parties struggling to maintain an uneasy truce over school, relationships, cultural identity, and more. Misunderstandings and arguments are common, some gradually resolving over time as the teen matures, but some becoming deep-seated or even escalating. If you’ve ever wished you could press the “pause” button on one of these battles, then “rewind and replay” and communicate better this time, we hear you. A new studio-produced video series, Parent Playbook, produced by Stanford’s CHIPAO (Communication Health Interactive for Parents and Others) uses role-playing to help parents foster deeper and meaningful relationships with their children.

From 2009 to 2015, teenagers in the Palo Alto community experienced two separate suicide clusters (defined as three or more completed suicides within a short period of time or geographic proximity). A concerning theme arose: Asian-American males disproportionately represented the ethnic make-up of those who died by suicide. After the second suicide cluster, the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing conducted a set of focus groups with Asian and non-Asian parents and teens to better understand the harmful stressors and barriers contributing to suicidal ideations in youth.

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